Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sleigh bell rings, can you hear them?

Today I feel accomplished. I had brunch with the girls at Moxie's (mmm banana pancakes!), had a mini-makeover at the Lancome makeup counter (made off with some goodies) and did some 3-hour studying at the library. Yep, I've got it together.

I was walking through the mall and I realized I've got to start Christmas shopping soon. I can't believe we're nearing the end of October already and heading into November! The school semester is almost half done! Yikes. Where did time fly?

Actually I can't wait for the semester to end. Not that it was a bad semester (yet) but I look forward to the holidays: dinners with friends, snowboarding, ski/board getaway in Waterloo, unscheduled holiday surprises...

I'm not usually too crazy about the snow and cold weather here in the tropical trenches of Canada but I think this year I'll be a little less bitter about the weather. Although I still love the summer blistering heat, I'll give Old Man Winter weather a chance. Afterall, I resolved to be a less bitter, right?

Speaking of my resolutions I made at the end of the summer, let's see how I've faired..

-have a more positive outlook on life and just everything in general check (at least I'm trying to)

-don't sweat the small stuff check (I've actually learned to not care about alot of things including things I should be caring about)

-budget better >_< umm...can I justify spending $40 on makeup?

-don't take on responsibilities you know will bite you in the ass later on down the line, let other ppl do it (like planning trips!) check (somewhat)

-travel more (alot of places I really wanna travel to are either being bombed, flooded or terrorized) haven't had time yet, we'll see.

-less 'tude, more dude check (I hope)

-study harder (yeah, I threw that one in cuz I always say that although it never works) hmm, we'll see, so far so good so: 1/2 check

-be more independent, generous and a good role model check (a little here, a little there)

I also want to add "be an advocate" and "make an attempt to exercise". Yours truly is packing on the bulge, ever since Thanksgiving.

Okay time to make myself scarce.


Kathy said...

I was just thinking the other day that I need to starting thinking about my resolutions. I think I need your help. It appears that I have done a lot of thinking about this...but I really haven't, lol. I thanked you in my blog. I'll thank you here, too, Lil. I'm glad I have you to text-message to any time of the day, hehe.

lil said...

Hooray for unlimited text-messaging and free rogers to rogers! hip hip hooray!