Sunday, October 16, 2005


For some reason I've been majorly breaking out lately. It's so annoying because it's so bad that the makeup I have can't even cover it up. I need to get the thick stuff cuz I threw that out a long time ago when my skin was reasonably clear and there would be some days I didn't even put makeup on. *sigh. I dunno why I've been breaking out badly lately. I don't think my diet's changed, and I've been breaking out since I had my last rag so I don't think it's PMS-related. Could be because of stress, what with school, personal life and whatnot. It sucks that people don't even have to ask how my life is when it's literally written on my face.


minni said...

Haha, how well ur life is going can be depicted on your face. Hahaha, that's funny Lil.

Dev said...

if worse comes to worse, connect the dots, maybe it'll be a smiley face =)