Monday, October 10, 2005

The Mullet is Back

Yes, you read right. It's back. Well not completely. For girls, it's come back as a big trend in Asia. In Korea, they call it the 'wolf cut' and of course, BoA defintely knows how to pull it off... For a split second, I considered this cut as well, but I realized that it'll take a lot of maintenance everyday to get it like that. And we all know how lazy I am...

It actually looks pretty cool on some people: ...or maybe not. What do you think? I've been contemplating on getting a new hair cut. The last one I had was probably at the beginning of the summer, the usual "Kim EZ" cut but perhaps this time I should go with something different (especially because Baby VOX is no longer existent, hehe). So far, I really like this: I suppose it is similar to the BoA one, but it doesn't look like it requires alot of work. Some input would be nice.