Sunday, October 02, 2005

For many, many years, I've vistited this site and it has kept me occupied on the internet for hours on end. This site features random confessions from random people who I guess post whenever they just can't hold it inside. Why do I like reading stranger's confessions? Mostly for the comical factor, that's why! Some people question whether half these confessions are even legit but I like to think they are because it makes my world seem less dysfunctional and a bit more boring... (warning: some of the following confessions may be a bit explicit, but that's what makes them fun!)
09/29/2005 at 16:30:25
I knew this girl for years but always thought she was too shy and way too skinny. She invited me over and fed me great filippino food and beer and then said "and for dessert... " and the got on her knees and blew me excellently. It turns out she was a total freak, with very prominent and permanently hard nipples and the ability to take my cock in her mouth or pussy and grip me like a strong hand. For weeks we fucked like mad, so much so she got a rug burn at the base of her spine. Then she called to tell me she had to tell her boyfriend about us because I had given her genital warts and she gave them to him. I felt bad because it was injury on top of insult for him. And because she was going to set me up with her friend who wanted rough sex and with her very hot sister and now was not because of the warts.

06/06/2005 at 13:21:01 My wife and I have two really beautiful friends who are girls. Sometimes they come into town and stay at our place. I've gone into the shower after them and collected the hair I've found in the drain. I sort through it for the curly pubic hair. Then I store it away wrapped in kleenex.

02/29/2004 at 11:06:48 I've lost 85 pounds in the last 3 months. But they're still calling me 'elephant chic'. I only weigh 363 pounds now. I'm starting to get very depressed again. And when I get depressed I eat. I'm thinking about firingup the amc pacer and heading to mcdonalds' for a small snack before lunchtime. I think I'll get 3 or 4 quarterpounder combos supersized, a couple large chocolateshakes and possibly 2 or 3 big mac combos supersized for the ride back home. It's about 12 blocks to home, don't want to have hunger pains before I get back home.You know what? Hell I'm depressed. The hell with all of it. The hell with the 85 pounds I lost. I'm going to mcdonalds for that small snack and I hope it holdsme over 2 hours until lunch time in which time I will probably be going to one of those 'all you can eat' places.

09/30/2005 at 01:01:33 I am ridiculously jealous of every single person that is having sex, or has had sex, and knows what it is like.

Just when you think your life is screwed up, there's always someone out there who can top it, folks. Never give up!

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