Saturday, October 15, 2005


Last night was Alex's bday and we surprised him with a sexy cake and $9 worth of helium balloons. Hazzah!

^While waiting for the bday boy, we find some amusement

^Can you tell he's surprised? I clearly don't know how to use my camera

After much deliberation, we finally went to Vaughan to check out Dave and Buster's. "Chuck E Cheese but for adults" is probably the best way to describe this place. But it was still fun. Nam (and many of us) got addicted to those games where the machine tries to shove coins over a ledge. We totally made out like bandits, but not really because we spent alot of money on tokens trying to get our approx. 4100 tickets! I also beat Alex and Nam in Need for Speed. Living proof that asian women can drive right hurrrrrrr.

I had such a great time last night, a nice break from the assigment-midterm blizzard that has been fornicating on my life this past week and in the coming weeks. Thanks for the break, Minh...

...and Happy Birthday, Alex.

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