Sunday, October 30, 2005

So You Think You Can Sing?

Admit it. You sit in front of your computers, listening to music, in the privacy of your own homes and pretend you're a Backstreet Boy. Or The Game (and confuse yourself for Young Buck?). Mariah Carey's probably been done a ton of times. And admit it. Sometimes you feel the urge to be Mike Jones.

How do I know this? Because I find the above ridiculousness all over the internet. This is just a sample of what I've seen. Everyone knows about those UCSD kids who actually go all out and make a whole music video of lipsynching (can't remember the website). I have a whole whack of similar shit taking up valuable space on my computer that I'm too lazy to delete (and similarly can't find the heart to get rid of!). I'm sure everyone who's reading this right now, I've sent them to you over the years (remember the RKelly Asians? I can't listen to "Ignition" without thinking of those geeky asians).

What's my point? I encourage you to dust off your webcams and lipsynch to your favourite artists! And then send them to me so I can upload them for the world to see! Insta-fame!

And whatever happened to the summer we planned to make a video ourselves, of Blackstreet's "Yo Diggity"? We need to get our asses a camera.

Let's face it, people. 90% of us lack the talent, looks, money to make it in showbiz. This is the next best thing! Fame on the internet! It's this generation's "get-rich-quick scheme" to becoming famous. You think Paris Hilton would still be famous if we didn't see her sex tape all over the net? Pah. The Simple Life sure as hell wouldn't have done it.

P.S. Watch that second video link. The future of our people, ladies and gentlemen. The tinfoil bit is priceless (sadly enough, I've seen a couple kids do this)

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Dev said...

hahaha that bsb one is hilarious, reminds me of that milk and cereal one. im sorry, couldnt watch the entire goofball vid of that identity crisised flip with the tin foil... oh and its new vids btw.