Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Calling all fellow Fashionistas and Frugalistas...

In the recent issue of InStyle there was this luscious looking kimono top that I can't stop thinking about: I actually have a kimono top similar (but different colour) and an obi belt. However, the kimono is too big to wear as a top and it needs to be taken in a little. My question to the public is a.) does anyone know a good, yet cheap, tailor? I'm willing to alter the kimono, but I also need someone good because it's silk and it was a gift, and b.) does anyone know where I can find other kimono tops? I'm dying to pair this outfit with wifebeaters and jeans! Arggh!

Ever had one of those times where you study like a madman for your Negotiations and Medation midterm and you frantically try and condense two chapters written in incomprehensible English in one night, only to find out the next morning (around 8am) that the exam is open book and all the questions are taken out of another book? Yeah. Don't you hate it when that happens? Happened to me today. To top it off the midterm was FREAKING EASY, literally 10 questions. Needless to say, I got 90% (goddamn trick questions!) and I was exhausted, not because it was an 8am midterm, but from all the useless(?) information about mediation and negotiating deals I crammed in my head for the last 48 hours. *sigh.

At least I got another exam out of the way, and one less exam to worry about how I did.

Oh, btw. This is a notice to those with impending court dates for their traffic tickets: police officers will now be required to attend trials. So, no more relying on the "he probably won't show up" comfort. Sorry, guys. Sorry, Nam.

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