Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Submissive to the College Lifestyle

*humps the air*

OMG Y'know when they say that when you drink too much coffee people get jittery? I think I have that right now. It's fucking insane. Like my hand can't stay still and my muscles feel so tingly! How can one (ridiculously expensive) small vanilla bean frap from Second Cup do this to me?

I intended on just getting some caffeine in me to hopefully keep me awake after a god awful boring class today because I was headed to the library to get some studying done (how typically college student-like of me: coffee + studying). I got the studying done, and I stayed awake. But I can't stop shaking! This is so weird because caffeine doesn't normally affect me too much, I just wanted anything to keep me awake after I passed out (open-mouthed) on the bus.

I should've known there was probably too much caffeine in it. I saw the guy (who seemed like a newbie) put in a cup of ice, like a quarter of a cup of coffee and like a shot of vanilla bean. It should be the other way around, man! Not that I'm a frappucino expert or anything. I'm just addicted to vanilla bean.

Actually, I've been addicted to fraps lately. Starbucks, Second Cup, I'm always on the lookout for these places for a treat. They say refraining from buying a frap a day will make you a million dollars in your lifetime.

There goes my Escalade.

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