Saturday, October 29, 2005

An Eventful Friday Evening: Part II

Scroll down to the last entry for Part I.

So in case you were wondering, somehow SOMEHOW, Mel and I made the party. And I'm so glad I ended up going because it was fun. I just love themed parties and I loved how people actually got involved, and that surprised me. Nowadays there's just too many cynnical people around that think they're too cool to dress up and let themselves have fun.

I also loved everyone's costumes. They weren't as half-assed as I would've expected!

^Slutty Angel and her spunky sidekick, Bat Girl

^Oh, Konrad, stay away from the carbs! (w/ Mel)

^Is that the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz? No! It's a Sean the Beer Keg!

^Cat and Slutty Schoolgirl Whitney

^Satanic Justin (those are actually Super Glued on!)

^Julius Caesar. "Roman Senator" Jeff corrected me.

^Omg! It's Rainbow Brite! (at first I thought this was just a bad ouftit, but after I realized who she was I thought it was pretty awesome)

^An example of the shannanigans we girls put up with

^One lucky Satan

^Satan and Slutty Angel, now there's a pair that should sit on your shoulders

And these are all the pictures I had on my camera. I look forward to exchanging with others from the party because this is what I could get since I arrived so late. I heard someone actually showed up as a penis. If anyone has that picture, you better send it to me!

In the pictures, you can't tell, but that halo is actually round. It was kinda too big for my head and just hung on. Looks like I'm just wearing Christmas garland, huh? Well it's actually Christmas garland and wire coat hanger. Boo-yah! And a special thanks to Sarah for lending me her angel wings, even though it wasn't really noticeable. Next time, I'm gonna find one of those big feather wings. Like in the Victoria Secret fashion shows! Hey...that gives me an idea for next year's costume...

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