Friday, September 30, 2005

A Single Girl's Right to Shoes

Well, by request, I've finally found the time to gather all my shoes together and do an inventory...

...and check it out! I still have room at the top of my stairs! After this 'group' shot, I found more shoes. I stopped counting after 50 so I can't complain I don't have enough, I have a different pair to wear each week of the year!

Sadly enough (as if it wasn't sad enough that I'm doing inventory on my shoes), I don't wear some of them. And it's not like I try and play favourites with my shoes, but out of sight, out of mind, y'know?

Allow me to introduce you to a few members of my extended extended extended family:

^My Lacoste shoes. I actually have a love-hate relationship with these ones. Something about how they look doesn't seem right. But they're oh so comfy and light.

^In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "They hurt my feet, but I love them."

^Yep, I've got three pairs, fuggs and Uggs. I live in Canada, that's my excuse.

^My shoes from highschool. I need to change the laces and run Mr.Clean Magic Eraser over them and maybe I'll wear them again

For more pictures, I've uploaded all the shoes on to my Style Diary under Cool Finds.

Dev suggested I give some to Goodwill (noooo!), or better yet, next week we would have a ritual for the shoes I don't wear and throw them into a fire (what a waste) but perhaps it will be fun to find out if my shoes are non-flammable, like Alex's shoes!

This is not the end, people. Sooner or later I will come up with more shoes to add to the fam, but for now, I think I'm content and my credit card will thank me.

Coming up: my bags archives!

P.S. I recently discovered "word verification commenting". No more ads in the comments!

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