Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World's Coolest isn't feeling so cool

Right under "bathroom sink installation", I can now add "kitchen counter installation" to the list of things I can do. Once I master electrical appliances (ha!), I'll be on my way to getting the "World's Coolest Chick" certificate.

So today we had our new kitchen counters delivered and I had the honours of being able to crawl into (yes, into) the cabinets to drill, screw and hammer all the livelong day (Asians don't believe in paying for labour, unless they can pay in meals or beer). It actually wasn't as difficult and horrible as I thought it would be. Well, not yet. We've yet to install the part that requires me to measure, saw and align the counter for the sink to the plumbing. Gonna have to use the ol' noggin to attempt that part. Just another day at my house of summer renovations.

This week is gonna be busy, if not hellish. The Algonquin trip is this weekend, and we're planning on sleeping over at Iljya's on Friday night, so I basically have to have everything ready by Friday. I still have a whackload of things I still need to do before the trip including buying a new pair of water shoes, buy extra batteries for the digital camera, develop pictures, figure out how I will deal with black flies, and probably a slew of other things I can't think of at the moment (but will come to me Friday night). Thursday is New Kitchen Counters Part 2 Day and so I pretty much have tomorrow to get things done. Where did the week go?

To top things off, I haven't really been in a good mood lately. A large part of that has to do with hormones but I just haven't been feeling mentally well lately. Come to think of it, that mental health part probably has a lot to do with the hormones.

The hormones make me tired, unenthused, unmotivated, self-pitied and generally low for no particular reason. It's funny how hormones can make me forget all the good in my life and all the things I want to do, even though I don't feel like doing them. Also, my face breaks out like a pubescent teenager, so that's just the cherry on my mud pie.

I'm hoping tomorrow night will make me feel better. A date with my girlfriends and maybe I'll bowl away my problems with the boys. Hm.


Kathy said...

Just think about this weekend...Mmm...

sarah said...


re: kathy

think of all the dirt and sand that's going to get into your sleeping bag/tent, the flies and other miscellaneous West Nile infected bugs that you are going to be swatting around in your tent at night, or the aches you're going to get in your arms and back from sleeping on the ground and paddling "all" day.

haha, have a good weekend lil.
I wish all a'you the best and pray(if I did at all) for your safe arrival home.


spinderella said...

hahah thanks... i think?