Monday, June 12, 2006

Hooray for weekends!

What a great weekend.

Last night Jeff had his pool party of the summer. Despite the unusually chilly weather, some of us braved the cold and hot tubbed anyway. No regrets! I figured I'd be sick from the cold, the wet and the lack of pants, but all is good. And, as I told the millions of people who asked me last night "aren't you cold?!", I didn't feel cold. I was numb.

I'll post some pics from last night when I get a hold of someone else's pictures because mine alone aren't sufficient enough to post for the whole "picture whoredom" experience.

Today I went tennis racquet-shopping. I'm planning on playing tennis this Sunday to be eligible for this scholarship (long story) and I've decided that I should take up some sort of sport this summer since I'm anti-gym. I'm too short for basketball and too fragile for football, so tennis was the next on my list of 'tolerable sports that I'll partake in'. I think I'll do more golfing this summer, too, but clubs are too expensive for my taste so I'll stick to the ones they provide at the range.

Since I know not much about what makes a good tennis racquet 'good', I got a very pretty youth-sized, feather-light Wilson racquet that's made of titanium (good?). I can't wait to break it in this weekend. I figured I should try and splurge on sports equipment and the like since I have no boyfriend to occupy my time and money to waste. haha

I also helped Jez do some grocery shopping today and we were stupid enough to think we could carry a week's worth of groceries from the store to her apartment. Needless to say, I was rewarded for my "hard" work with a spaghetti dinner and we finally watched Initial D: The Movie (action and effects were good, plot was lacking). I had a weird craving for tofu after the movie.

I'm exhausted and it's only 12:30 am!!

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