Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lovely weather, ain't it?

So last night was my very first experience at Red Lobster. As an avid seafood-consumer you would think I would've dined there, but no. Something about eating seafood at a place like Red Lobster makes me uneasy and I can't really explain why. I feel more comfortable eating at some Joe Blow's seafood restaurant that's by the sea (or another great body of water) than a seafood franchise. Weird, huh? I'm no food critic, but I think *** is sufficient to grade the food there and ***** for the evening overall.

We had a dinner for Jeff to bid adieu (and good riddance haha) before he leaves for New Zealand. Jeff, before I forget to tell you, it's winter down there now. I learned about their opposite-weather-than-Canada the hard way. Don't make the same mistake.

Last night was such a perfect night for hanging out, eating al fresco, mini golfing and having ice cream. There needs to be more weather like that. Unlike today's.

33 degrees and nothing but sun. The answer to that problem? The beach. Damn straight.

The cold, cold (and reasonably clean) lake was a solace from the excruciating heat. Although 'excruciating' probably doesn't justify the heat they're experiencing in India. Besides the annoying search for a parking space (yet another awesome spot), I had such a blast. And, I apologize again for the peep show for all those unfortunate enough to have witnessed it (Kathy). Sarah, please send me your pics!

And did anyone notice? I wore the shirt I made 'inspired' by Alicia Keys. Tee hee. It took me three days to make two of them('wasabi' green and striped) mainly because I spent half of one day in search of the perfect striped fabric and buttons. It was tedious work working on the buttons for the first shirt and the hooks for the second. I think if I were to make a third, I'll use ties or something. I have more appreciation for those cheap factory labourers I hear so much about.

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Megan said...

wow, lil! the top looks amazing!