Sunday, June 25, 2006

Portaging Training 101

Since there's a week till the portaging/camping/soapless hell begins, we decided to do a practice-run at Kelso today. With that, we also had to learn how to carry a boat and hardcore paddling.

It's not like carrying a baby.

The paddling wasn't too bad for me even though we canoed for only two hours and the expected travel time at Algonquin will be about four. Four hours of canoeing without my Discman? I don't think so, Iljya!

It was a really perfect day for canoeing, actually. Not too hot and a lil bit breezy. I hope the weather will be like that next weekend and not the stormy wet mess I'm reading about from

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Kathy said...

Who's the sexy girl in that life-jacket?

I can't wait 'til camping! It's going to be so much fun -- I think, and I hope.