Monday, June 05, 2006

Minimalist lifestyle, minimalist art, minimalist fashion, minimalist eater?

^ Balenciaga?
Okay, that's out of my system, thanks.

I woke up at about noon today and had green tea for breakfast and lunch. It's weird, I don't feel hungry and I don't think it has entirely to do with me eating practically a whole cow and pig last night. Lately, I just haven't been overly hungry, but satisfactory full. I'll snack a bit sometimes, pint of blueberries here and a slice of banana bread there. The biggest meal of my day is obviously dinner, but even then I don't eat a whole lot. I wonder if this is healthy. I'm not too worried about the quality of food I'm eating (my dinner meals are very balanced: half veggies, quarter carbs, quarter meat) but the quantity I'm eating is quite "frail". I binge eat when there's a 'que and my 'treats' are usually when I'm out and I'll get a frap or something. Any nutrionists out there? I'm 95 lbs (I weighed myself for the first time this year on Vicki's convenient scale in her bathroom last night) and a bare 5 feet (if Sarah's "four feet and 3/4 of an inch" then I guess I'm around there). I only really 'exercise' when I go clubbing or taking public transportation (chasing a bus takes it out of me). I consider a small-sized bowl of Pho at 99 to myself a 'big meal' (I think this would constitute me as a 'cheap date').

I know I can't really compare myself to the averagely height and weighted, so I was just wondering if I should be eating more because I merely only eat when I'm hungry and not lazy. Like overweight people, I don't like it when people fixate on my size (unless it's a compliment, haha). I'm pretty sure I'm not anorexic because I eat when I'm hungry (but not till I'm full) and I don't feel guilty about food unless it looks gross and totally chemicalized. Hmm. Actually I think alot of this 'bird eating' I've been doing lately is because I have a distaste to alot of food that is out there now. Call me a "picky eater" but a seedless watermelon (seedless anything, actually) kinda grosses me out and don't even get me started on Kraft dinner and it's unnatural glowing tinge (cheese shouldn't dissolve).


I really hope I don't turn into one of those raw-food-only, vegan tree-huggers who make milk out of almonds and dance around in nothing but a wheatgrass skirt! If I ever try to sell give away burn my leather shoes or alligator pocketbook, someone better shoot me.

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