Saturday, June 03, 2006

So much for a boring week...

Yes, it's been awhile since I've updated. I'm alive, in case some of you may be wondering. Believe it or not I've been busy. And it really couldn't have come at a worse time. I decided that I wanted to make up my Philosophy mark so I agreed to do a paper and I was given two weeks to do it---one and a half weeks ago. o_o Yes, I'm a moron. I completely forgot about it so for the past couple of days I've been trying to finish reading the book I agreed to do the paper on (The Outsider by Albert Camus). It's a small book, but a book is a book and I keep falling asleep every few chapters or so. Anyway, because I'm such an idiot, this paper could've been done during my downtime while I was complaning about not having anything to do. And it's now collided with a now-eventful last couple of days:

Wednesday: Went back to Lot 332 Wednesday night. Sooooo much fun, and this time they opened the roof which was uber cool (even when it rained).

I look so gross in this picture because it was so goddam humid and crowded (and anyone who's gone clubbing with me knows I dance hard), so shut up. Yeah, I'm not one of those people who only put up pictures where I look gorgeous and flawless. Hehehe. And yes, I know I look pregnant, but I was amazed at how dark I look. I look as dark as Vicki! Okay, no more tanning for me. I hate clubbing in the middle of the week, but I really wanna go back to Lot 332 and chill in the old skool hip hop room next time. Who's in?

Thursday: Woke up at about 2 pm and I spent most of the day trying to finish the book. I only managed to finish the first part, but not without taking like, 5 naps. Later that night I went to Jez's new apartment, which is less than a block from me (yay!) and helped her paint. 3 hours into painting later and I think I killed a few brain cells because of the toxic smell. Because of all that napping, I totally threw off my sleeping schedule and couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 am! This especially sucked because...

Friday: I had to get up and help Jez buy new stuff for her new digs and she wanted to start the day at 9 am. You do the math. 1 breakfast, 4 hours and 4 shopping carts full of Ikea furniture and "home essentials" later we achieved our goal for the day. Our budget was exactly $2000 (the max on the credit card) and our total was about $1930. Whew.

I helped her put together the lamps we got and played the "what-does-this-light-switch-do" game. We plugged in all the lights to find out what this one switch in her apartment did (remember on "Friends" when Monica and Rachel moved into Joey and Chandler's apartment and couldn't figure out what the light switch did so Monica plugged in appliances that made noise to find the source? We did that, but with lights!). We still don't know what that switch does.

A funny story (just because I know Jez is gonna tell it to everyone, so I might as well tell it):

We plugged in all the lamps and I noticed that one of them wasn't on. "Hey! I think the switch turns that outlet on and off! Yes, we found it!" I turned on the switch and the light still didn't go on. "Lil, did you put in a light bulb?" "Oh...shit."

Let it go. I was running on 4 hours of sleep! And figuring out those damn Ikea instructions took alot out of me! I can tell I will be over at Jez's alot, not only because this is what I used to do when she lived next to the highschool, but also because her apartment's pretty cozy and within walking distance of me! I also realized that moving is not as fun as I thought it would be. It's pretty damn expensive and pretty damn tiring, even when you already know how you're gonna decorate and stuff. It especially sucks when all your furniture is from Ikea and you gotta put the furniture together. I hate Ikea, especially their manuals that don't have words!! I don't see the complete appeal to Ikea (sure the furniture and their displays look nice, but the quality is mediocre at best) but I guess it's an ideal place to get shit when you're first starting out (you do get what you pay for, though).

I also saw The Da Vinci Code last night. It was alright, although I admit I zoned out during the parts where they had to explain stuff (I'm not big on history) but I really loved the 'artsy' parts like the architecture and some of the paintings. It wasn't as action-packed as I'd hoped, but it was interesting (in a solve-the-mystery kinda way). Cuong was completely zonked out throughout most of the movie. At some parts I wanted to wake him up and go, "Look, Cuong! Magneto!" Hahaha...

I know I've stipulated that I don't like leggings, mainly because alot of people don't know how to wear them. I actually found a look that I've found acceptable:

(BTW, if anyone has this track, send it over!) Shit, just looking at her legs in that last scene makes me realize that I need to shape up for bikini season. Alright, back to the book! BAAAH!

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