Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More camera whoredom...

...from Vicki's party. There were so many pictures, so I had to be selective.

Of course, they're mostly of yours truly (you know you love me).

^Me, eating
^Me, eating, still ^Me, eating more! ^Shit, someone needs to get the food out of my face! ^Ogling Sarah's new phone ^Yes, Sarah, it's a nice phone ^If Vicki was a man, I'd have no questions... (back that ass up, girl) ^That GAME, from day...

^ night

^Action shot (?)

^I look midget-y (more so)

^Hmm, what will I miss the most about Mariusz? (hint: the list is short)

^For once Mel isn't making a FACE

^Stellar party, Vicki!

^Bye Mariusz, Hi Peter!

Man, I thought I was a Camera Nazi, but apparently the friggin Paparazzo was at the party as well.

Geez, why are 'ques and bikinis in the same season? With all these BBQ's, I'm gonna have to go back to wearing t-shirts to the beach!

Ta ta!


Vicki said...

OMG LIL!!! please remove the picture of my ass!

spinderella said...

But it's sooo cutttttte!