Friday, June 30, 2006

Little Brown Dress

As a "performance piece", this chick made herself a brown dress and has been wearing it every single day for one year. Well almost one year. The "undress" date will officially be on July 7, 2006, signifying the year anniversary that she donned this garment. Apparently it's her revolt to fashion, but I think it's just the opposite.

Think of the amount of outfits you are pretty much forced to invent using this solitary dull piece of clothing (I don't think I would've gone with the colour brown, but that's her prerogative). I think that this is fashion genius. Fashion doesn't have to be all about excessive consumerism, and this is a prime example of it. I love it. Would I do it? Hmm, it'd be quite a committment for me. It would be something I could probably do if I was jobless or had a job that didn't require a certain way for me to dress (I'm not sure I could do this at an office everyday).

However, given the opporutnity, I'd probably last a week. I'm not a cartoon! I'm a slave to fashion and shiny new things.

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