Monday, June 05, 2006

Flip my chips, I'm a balla

Just came back from Mariusz's going-away party. Lucky bastard's got his internship in NYC with 20/20. Everyone seems to be doing well and succeeding and I'm so happy for everyone (Jez promoted at her office, Sarah working with Feds, people with options of where they can work). It almost kinda sorta makes me want to actually try hard in finding a job right this minute.

It's really nice to be surrounded with people who have goals and achievements rather than bumming around with "I was too lazy to finish highschool" types. Not to put down those who didn't graduate highschool (you may have had different circumstances), but I really can't hang out with them too much. They will make me feel as if I've done too much and that I should slow down. Here I am surrounding myself with people who are better than me and who are very different than me, while others prefer to settle into their own niche with people of similar interests. Not that that's a bad thing, but when you're all on the same track, there's noone there to lead and then you're just at a standstill. That sucks.

Personally, I think I've started to slow down and I've become less and less ambitious with my future (beginning with my internship-search). Where's my drive? Where's my energy? I think it somehow got lost while at school but also because everyone is so busy with their own up and coming lives that I've lost touch with what I should be aiming for. C'mon, Lil, try HARDER!

Anyhoo, no pics from the party tonite because there were so many cameras that I didn't even bother with my camera. I hope pictures start coming into me sometime soon, but I'm not holding my breath because everyone is a slowpoke! Or busy with their lives. LOL I ate soooo much. I think this is how fat people get fat: when there's open food right front of you, there's nothing to do but to just eat it!

In light of my 'I need to get motivated' schpeel I think I will get the ball rolling with a few goals to complete and hopefully I'll get the momentum going on my path to success!:

  • get my G license
  • master driving stick!
  • sign up for hip hop dance classes
  • get a job
Not in any particular order, of course.

More pics from Lot on Wednesday night:

I think I contracted West Nile from being bitten tonite despite wearing layers. La la la la la...*scratch *scratch

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