Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Trip that will make or break friendships

T minus 6 days till the ALGONQUIN CAMPING/PORTAGING TRIP 2006!!! Can't wait, first trip of the summer. Whoo whoo!

Today I lopped off a good portion of my hair because I was starting to get annoyed by my lowerback-length hair. Sure it looked sexy, but when you have thick hair, there's a limit to how long your hair should be. I didn't wanna go ass-length because it just seems way too trailer trash to me. Asian trailer trash. I wanted to maintain my BoA's-grown-out-fashion-mohawk but a couple of inches shorter, but the chick who cut my hair didn't understand me I guess and didn't trim my shorter lengths when she trimmed my longer lengths. So now I have the layered hair that every other chick has. *shrugs. Oh well. That's what you get when you go to an Asian salon for like, 10 years, and they still don't understand you.

A bunch of us went to Kathy's tonite to deliberate over what we'd be bringing and to put up our tents to figure out who's sleeping with whom. *wink wink Kathy* This trip is gonna be fun. And I don't care what some of you nay-sayers say: I am not totally useless. More girls on a trip does not mean a useless trip. I am determined to prove you wrong. I refuse to let the definition of portaging equal 'sausage-fest camping trip'. Bun that. I hate it when people think I'm a typical girl who can't do without her cellphone and A/C. (In fact, I could do just fine without a cell phone right now, but if I didn't get one, my parents would've made me get one.) The best part is, I'm gonna carry a backpack that fits two sleeping bags, five sleeping mats and one tent! Booyah! It's almost the same size as me, but it's amazingly not heavy at all. My school bag with a laptop is heavier.

Me, Mel and Iljya spent a good majority of the evening arguing over what we should and shouldn't bring. Iljya vito-ed everything I wanted to bring.

"Beach towel." "Vito!" "Soap." "Vito!" "Discman." "Vito!"

He either hates me or he thinks I'm some sort of barbarian who can do without a little soap! Is a teeny tiny sample-sized bottle of moisturizer too much to ask? Me+Kathy+tiny tent-deodorant-soap=ex-friends.

All the arguing got me exhausted by midnight. I can tell we're gonna be arguing alot during the trip. That, or I will get violent. For real. Iljya, the Nazi camp leader, and me, the ill-tempered munchkin who kicks.

Let's just hope I'm not carrying the axe.

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