Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This is probably the #1 thing pageant organizers do not want: the crowning of the wrong girl. The girls can trip on their dresses, pop out of their bikinis and even barf all over the stage. But nothing can top what happened at the 2006 Mrs. World Pageant in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is one of those things where not one individual should feel bad, but pretty much everyone who was on stage who had to witness this while on camera. But I don't know who to laugh at more and to feel worse for:

  • Mrs. Costa Rica and getting de-crowned after being "Mrs. World" for like, 2 minutes (although she did get many props and tears from her fellow pageantees, which was nice)
  • Mrs. Russia, who won, but totally got dissed and dishonoured on live(?) television and having to do the "take two" and act all shocked when her name was announced--again
  • The little girl suspended from the ceiling in an angel costume, spinning down probably 30 feet in front of everybody (what the hell?)
  • Alan Thicke, for even hosting this thing. Why didn't you say anything?
  • The chick who crowned and sashed the wrong girl! "What have you done?! Mrs. Russia won, not Costa Rica!" Alan Thicke slinks away...
What's more hilarious is that the crew kept filming backstage, despite all the nasty things being said about Mrs. Russia on live TV. Why would they even release such a thing? It just makes the whole show look bad (even more so) and more embarassing for the organizers. Although I admit it makes for damn good TV.

In the States, they'd probably cut to commercial when the show's director realized what happened. Zzzz...

"Mrs. Russia, a woman? Noooo!"

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irina slutsky said...

oh, it's worse than we thought. here's an article of what happened behind the scenes written by one of the judges of the pageant. http://www.exile.ru/2006-May-05/feature_story.html