Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Itchy and Scratchy

Rollin' With Saget

What would Danny Taylor have said about this video? I don't care what anyone says, Bob Saget will always be Danny Taylor from Full House to me (Danny Taylor also hosted America's Funniest Home Videos). This vid would've totally 'owned' if the Olsens did a cameo (I spy Uncle Jesse), but they'd have to come as 'Michelle' not as themselves. Haha.

"Bob Saget, bitch. You better 'axe' someone."

It is that time of year: the season's changing, the days are getting longer, sample sales galore, the skirts get shorter, birds are trying to have sex with the bees and my skin is itching like mad. Not from bugs, but from the change in temperature and dryness. Does anyone else get this? I'm sure they do because it's quite common for your skin to get a bit itchy when the seasons change. Usually the problem areas are the joints like elbows and knees, but for some reason this year, I'm itching all over. Yesterday was non-stop scratching and discomfort. I had red patches all over my body. I only started yesterday on lathering on the moisturizer but I really should've done it earlier for preventative purposes. *sigh. It's also a real bitch when this itchiness keeps me up at night.

I actually woke up at a reasonable hour today to go to a job interview. Well, a reasonable work hour: 9:00 am. It quite sucked though because although I was prepared to go to bed earlier so I could wake up early, I accidently on purpose took two naps yesterday. It took me 3 hours to fall asleep (*scratch*scratch) and I was awoken by a text message on my phone (thanks, Nam) as I was drifting off. An hour later I fell asleep at around 4:30. =_= (I'm glad I wear glasses, because I don't have to worry about covering the bags under my eyes)

The interview was all the way in North York at this immigration law office. How did it go? Well the usual: the interview went well but they wanted someone to work full time permanently i.e. can't work during school in September. I didn't feel too bad about it BECAUSE a friend of mine hooked me up with one of his lawyer friends and I "pretty much have the job". Unfortunately, the job won't start till August. So I gotta find something to occupy my time between now and then.

I pulled out my sewing machine the other day and now I have the 'creative itch', in addition to the seasonal one. I found this picture of Alicia Keys from some event: I love her top and now I'm inspired to make my own version. Looks simple enough: a kimono is not as difficult to make than a normal shirt--I think. Well, we'll see. I made some sketches and now I just have to find the material and get to work, although I could just use the stuff I have now as a trial. Alas, something to do. And I challenge all you creative fashionistas who-own-a-sewing-machine and have too much time on their hands to do this too! I double dawg dare ya!

Alright, I'm gonna go take a cold shower and slather on the moisturizer and aloe vera. *scratch*scratch

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