Monday, May 01, 2006

The Devil wears discounted Prada

I haven't posted since Friday so I figured I should drop in and say hi.


My weekend was good. On Saturday I spent the day downtown, being a typical Saturday-downtown shopper. The plan of the day was to go downtown, go to Iljya's and then go to Cuong's for poker.

As I've mentioned before, I love going downtown shopping because I can see all the freaks that come out during the day.

Scenario One: I saw wayyyyy too many big dogs (or small bears?) walking around Yorkville. What are those rich people feeding their dogs?

Scenario Two: Winners on Bloor St., me, Kathy and Mel saw the Devil, in female form. This woman's face was so overly tanned and aged, it was like her face literally melted. It did not help that she had dyed white (or really blonde) hair. I really wanted to take a picture of this chick, but I was staring too much in awe to have the time to. I figured by the time I whipped out my camera and tried to take a picture in the most inconspicuous way, she'd vanish. The Devil walks amongst us, people, and she's a bargain shopper.

I didn't really do much celebrity-sighting in Yorkville but apparently sexy Italian Monica Belluci was there (apparently shopping at La Senza). I <3 her shoes. Wait, the Stalkerazzi's in Toronto? We're movin' on up!

So I finally had enough of Yorkville (I bought a headscarf, if anyone cares) and trooped further downtown (Queen and Yonge). We ate at Spring Rolls (mmm, just getting hungry thinking about the ho fan I had) when our plans were crapped when I was told that Poker was starting earlier that night than usual. Long story short, I ended up waiting at the train station by myself for an hour and a half and in the end, Poker started at the usual time. -_- An honorary shout out goes to my sister for winning the pot that night. "Keep it in the family!"

On Sunday I had as much physical action as I can take this summer. Played some tennis, played some basketball, sprained my finger. I'm done.

My finger hasn't swelled that much, which is good, but I'll have to go to Shoppers and get a splint or something to keep it from moving too much. *sigh.

This week is looking great, weather-wise. I'll have to resume the job search this week but at least I'll be outside. Hurrah! Someone call me out and I'll do anything outdoors-y! (Cept maybe I'll sit out all sports for a bit)

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