Monday, May 29, 2006

So I guess it pays to be short...

Check this out: A judge gave this convicted child rapist 10 years probation, rather than jail time, because of his 5'1 height.

Alas! A useful benefit to being short! We can get away with crime! Oh, the things I could do to the people I hate, now that I know I'd get a more lenient sentence for my crimes...

You would think a person of my stature would find this a bit enlightening but from a paralegal student's aspect it's pretty ridiculous. The judge felt that this little guy would not be able to survive in jail because of his height.

Um...since when was jail restricted to only big beefy guys with stellar tattoos and a Juggernaut persona? I haven't read her full judgment but me thinks this chick has watched way too many episodes of Prison Break. If we start characterizing who should and shouldn't go to jail and base sentencing on their physical appearance, what's next? What about their sexual preference? Or even the type of crime they committed (child-killers and molesters are the most vulnerable in prison)? That's bullshit, lady.

If I were the judge, my judgment would be: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. And because you did the crime, all I can say is, DON'T DROP THE SOAP IN THE SHOWER!"

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kathy said...

That's outrageous. There's going to be protests, possible an uproar. Or at least, there should be.