Saturday, May 20, 2006

Over the Hedge

I'm not one for kids' movies but on a Friday evening and you're itching for something to do, any movie that's not The Da Vinci Code is a go-go. So I ended up watching Over the Hedge which, to my surprise, was fantastic.

Nowadays, these so-called "kids' movies" aren't geared to kids only. They appeal to the parents, the older siblings who were forced by their parents to take their little siblings and the bored young adults with nothing better to do on a Friday night. And with it being the late show, we were not the only young adults there (in fact, it was all adults, most of whom probably didn't feel like lining up for The Code).

The one reason I liked the movie, besides the obvious 'adult' jokes ("Are you going to help me find my nuts?") was because it addressed certain issues that everyone needs to be aware of, especially children: consumerism, the plight of the American diet, cruelty to animals, diminishing forests, suburban overload. In fact a couple other people noticed this too: "In addition to a few laugh-out-loud moments, this animated comedy actually manages to say something about the perils of our own modern-day, consumerist society. (Though it's not done in a way that's too overt or preachy.)"-Jeff Vice, DESERET NEWS, SALT LAKE CITY

I also found out the movie is based on an actual comic strip:

It's not as funny as Get Fuzzy so I have no idea why they decided to base a movie on THIS but talking animals are talking animals.

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