Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Shoes>women's intelligence" -Alex Doubov

I've been to a ton of sample and warehouse sales, but none have been as crazy and wild as today's Lacoste sample shoe sale at the International Centre. As boxes of shoes were hauled out, the shoes barely hit the table before they were snatched up by deal-hungry women.

I went with Vicki and her sister, but lemme tell ya, this was not a place to bring your girl friends. You'd be smart to drag along your boyfriend or male friends to help you grab shoes from the throng of women anxiously waiting for a new box to come out. Watching those women hunched over empty tables waiting for them to be filled with shoes was like watching starving orphan children waiting for their slurry dinners.

It's quite amazing to watch women go crazy for cheap "designer" shoes. You should've seen the men's side: clear and calm sailing. A lot of them were laughing at the women, amazed at how vicious we can get when we are bargain-shoe shopping. This one chick was lucky enough to scoop up a few pairs of the Lacoste ballet shoes (which were rare at that sale) and these ladies were hovering her like vulchers, waiting for her to try them on and discard them. Absolutely nuts. At one point, these two women grabbed the same shoes, but neither would give up their side of the shoe. I did not hang around to see what the conclusion of THAT dispute would be.

Lil' ol me was not ready to get maimed just to score some Lacoste shoes for $70.

Vicki actually got hit in the head with a shoe, and that's when we knew we were done. Oh well, it was still a productive trip since we made off with two pairs each.

While I was there I told myself that I would not subject myself to such brutality to score cheap shoes. It's really a prime example of what women are like in the real world that I absolutely despise. Women are mainly vicious and competitive with each other because men pretty much pit us against each other. Think about it: we're vying for the best jobs, we're balancing work and home life just to prove we can do it all, we squander tons of money for expensive makeup and clothes to look better than the next chick... do I sound a bit bitter towards the male population? I'm really not, I just wish women would be a bit more compassionate and realize we're 'on the same team'.

Is all that crazy-ness worth it in the end when you've got good-quality shoes on your feet and more money in your pocket than the next girl?

Sample Sales of note:

Club Monaco Warehouse Sale (hopefully not as traumatic as Lacoste)

June 7 - June 11 International Centre Hall 4

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Dev said...

wow, man bashing again, are we lil? c'mon, u cant blame males cuz u girls are aiming to be better looking than the rest. men have the same problem. men work out to have the best bod, but not too muscular that we lose our necks, plus we hafto have that persona, sense of humour and cash to boot. no man is ever forcing a woman to prove her ability, if nething it's the men who have this new need to prove themselves more worthwhile since society's more open to women working. this new comptetition is suddenly challenging men's role as the provider. and as primitive as it sounds, it's an actual fear of a lot of guys (not me) to have their ability of hunter/gatherer to be completely ignored. because women still have the role of "mommy!" regardless of career, whereas dad is expected to just pay the bills and occasionalli administer the beatings. when thas taken away... nothing left for males... *tear*