Sunday, May 14, 2006

Never as young as I want to be

In lieu of searching for a new 'do, I stumbled upon these pics and thought they looked awesome! I really wish I could do this, but a.) the shortest lengths of my hair aren't short enough for this to work, and b.) everyone who knows me will know that I look like a rocker-wannabe, because this isn't "me". I also noticed the chick's shirt in the second picture and I believe her hair was inspired by the MySpace wonder that is Tila Tequila: I wonder how long my late nights of going out will last. I'm starting to feel the 'wear': fatigue of my body and wretchedness on my skin. Yesterday was no exception, although I did spend the day downtown with the girls. Last night I went to Krave nightclub with the usual clubbing gang. Expected it to be Asian night because it was hosted by Fuel Productions, but it was about HALF Asian and the rest miscellaneous. Not that I was complaining.

But I was complaining about the people who spilled drinks on MY SATIN GOLD SHOES and I got elbowed hard in the face by a crazy dancer (I hate being eye-level to people's waists!). The music was good, but we left around quarter to 2 when the music started to wind down to House. We usually bounce around 2-2:30, so we did what we always do when we don't want the evening (early morning?) to end too early: eat greasy junk food.

So good for the craving, so bad for the figure. "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!"

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