Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, Monday...

I remember when Mondays used to be a pain in the ass because it basically signified the end of the weekend and the beginning of yet another work/school week. Nowadays, Mondays are like Sundays and Saturdays: dull, eventless and the day is often spent wondering what to do later that day.

Being out of school and jobless has its upsides though. I now have the time to do all the things I was too lazy to get to during the school year that need to be done, especially when everyone else is off at work or school and aren't bugging me. For example, clean my shoes, reorganize my closet, file all my bank and VISA statements that I've strewn everywhere in the past year, get my G license, finish compiling my scrapbook, etc. I'd also like to include "seeing more of my friends I never get to see", which would involve a bit of travelling that I'm looking forward to.

A lot of these chores are mainly about reorganizing my life. I often say that I prefer organized chaos (i.e. my desk) but my life has been such chaos lately that it needs to be reorganized back into organized chaos. And no, my life will never be completely organized. ^_^

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