Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Model Inspiration

The other day, I was perusing the magazine aisle at Chapters, looking for something decent to read. Yes, read. Most people who buy magazines don't 'read' fashion magazines, but merely look at the pretty, glossy pictures. I just finished my subscription to InStyle but I don't expect to renew it because it took me a year's subscription to realize how garbage that magazine is. Well, actually it wasn't complete garbage, but it was the lesser of two evils when it came to that and the other bullshit they put on newstands at the checkout counter (note: it's Us Magazine, people. Not US Magazine).

Do people realize how much money they're wasting by buying those 'rag' magazines when you can easily access the same pictures through the internet for free and as soon as they were taken (the articles contain the most useless info in the world)? And if so, do they realize that they're also just paying for the pictures that support the paparazzi, therefore encouraging diseases like Paris Hilton to roll around in the sand with a wet crotch?

But I'm not here to speculate about the new spawn of Brad and Angelina (if I hear 'Brangelina' one more time, I will punch someone) or why the McCartney's are splitting up.

I'm mostly annoyed at how these magazines somehow breed atrocious fashion trends, like the leggings with mini skirt thing or those handdogs (handbag + dog = handdog). I hate it when people consider the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson as 'fashionistas'. Sure, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I bet these people don't even realize that these chicks are each the product of a well-known stylist Rachel Zoe and her hobo chic-lovin' style. Credit should be given where credit is due. It's no wonder everyone's wearing the leggings, she has a ton of "A-list" clients who are well-photographed, who emulate her style.

It would be impossible for me to say that everyone should have their own 'individual' style, because there's just no way one person can have a unique style. Somewhere out there someone's done it, seen it. Instead, people should pick and choose a style that actually looks good on them, rather than what looks good on Mary Kate. Not everyone can pull off those long shirts (to me, it accentuates how big you really are) and if you're going to wear the leggings, wear the appropriate underwear, please.

Models are becoming a dying breed in fashion, and it's pretty sad. Gone are the days when models graced the covers of real fashion magazines. A 'fashionista' should be dubbed as someone who works somewhere near the field or at least has a genuine interest in fashion (and can distinguish styles between the two Christians, Lacroix and Louboutin). If those 'fashion magazines' want to be known as a fashion magazine, they need to start bringing back the fashion industry into their magazines. Fashion honchos, models and designers, instead of featuring only actresses and heiresses people who are famous for no reason. The closest to coming to this 'ideal' would have to be Vogue, but I haven't seen a Vogue cover model who was an actual model for three years.

And it's not only the magazines that have sunk to this new low. Lindsay Lohan for Chanel? o_0

You may or may not agree with my point of view (brainwashed!), but if you do, I'd like to make this suggestion: in my own research for some fashion inspiration, I personally like to check out model streetstyle because they've got the fashion industry influence, but they're still 'real' (as in fashion is not their life and they come from all over the world). Many of them have what we may call 'eccentric' styles but sometimes the weirdest looking things (and people) make life more beautiful.