Friday, April 28, 2006

The birds are, like, dying. SERENITY NOW!

I have to really wonder if this is real. There's a bunch of her 'video blogs' floating around the internet. If she is for real, well, she puts the 'OW' in DOWN.

I believe this is the saddest person I've ever seen. Not even Eeyore, Pooh's friend, can top this chick. What is her deal? I'm not going to make fun of her, enough people do that on the net which probably makes her life even more of the suck. But, really. I really have to wonder what makes her life so depressing. Lack of friends? Lack of love? What?!

I admit, sometimes I get into one of my 'my-life-could-be-better-times-like-these-I-wish-I-did-drugs' funks, but they usually precede my period or something. This is ridiculous, I can't imagine someone living like her. I've never quite understood how or why depressed people are depressed. Do they just look at the bad things in life and emphasize on that? Is their whole life one big pessimisstic joke? What could be so terrible that they want to kill themselves? "The birds are dying!! Life is sad! I want to kill myself!"

Perhaps I will never understand because I don't see myself sinking that low, but I'd really like to talk to someone who's going through that so I can understand them better. Nothing else seems to solve my angst than just blurting out a long stream of swear words. That always seems to cheer me up. I've seen people, in fact I personally know people, who take the most abstract upsetting thing in their life and get really emotional about it. With violence and yelling and throwing fits and everything. Like, whoa. I know not everyone's life is all peaches and hearts, but even the person with the worst life smiles once in awhile, right?

Back to this "emogirl21". I really wanna find her original blog site, so if anyone knows it send that shit over. I'd like to find out more about her and this 'EmoKid21Ohio' she's been 'talking to'. "Sadness" is awe-inspiring. Kinda like watching an accident: awful to look at, but you just can't look away. o_o

Besides, I have nothing better to do on this Friday night.