Thursday, May 04, 2006

Clubbing on a Wednesday: not so bad

I'll have to take back everything I said last week bout clubbing on a weekday.

Last night I went clubbing, but only to see the freestyle singer, Rockell perform at Lot 332 and it was fantastic. I'm sure everyone has at least heard one of her songs, especially "In a Dream". I couldn't find the video on YouTube, but here's a BoA Tribute video I found that has the song over it. LOL

How fitting it was that I went to listen to some live old skool euro music with Euro friends, including my old skool friends, Vicki and Konrad. At first, I wasn't feeling the music ("new" Euro music) until they played stuff from the 90s (Energy 108 days!) and then I really got in to it, singing and dancing on stage and everything. Gawd, I'm old (I wonder when saying that line will get old).

^The Grade 8 Crew: Vicki, me and Konrad ^Vicki and Mariusz
My petite self managed to nudge her way to the very front of the stage. It's funny how when I was dancing, it was all girls and then when Rockell came on stage, men were everywhere. There's also such thing as being way too close to the stage because you can't get good full length shots and your face is eye-level with the performer's bulging boobs.
Quite an impressive rack, eh? And this coming from a girl who doesn't like big boobs. It was quite awe-inspiring, especially because for their size, they weren't sagging and there were no stretch marks (and in case anyone was wondering, she wasn't wearing a bra). I later found out she just had a baby (OOOOH), but I've seen her older videos and the girl is still 'well-endowed' regardless.

And in light of the little debates I've been having with people, while I was in the 'gino' club, I honestly tried to make myself aware that I was the only Asian there (who wasn't a friend of the performer or a backup dancer or a random chick Konrad picked up from some club) and I didn't feel out of place. Perhaps it was because I had two drinks in me, but even standing in line I was more concerned that I was too overdressed in a line full of denim than about if people noticed I was the only Asian. This is actually starting to scare me, the fact that I can't primarily identify myself as an Asian in a roomful of non-Asians. I can't figure out for myself if this is a good or bad thing. Perhaps it is good that I am comfortable with my own skin, but does that mean I have lost touch with my culture? Hmmm....

Regardless of the face full of boob and a slight loss of hearing from standing nex to the amp, I had a great time and I think I'll go back there the next time I'm feeling nostalgic.

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