Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weekends are for the fabulous

This heat! This HEAT! I love it, but darn it, it's gonna have me waking up earlier than my scheduled 1 pm start-of-the-day. The days have gotten longer and my sleep has gotten shorter.

For instance, I went to bed at 3 am and woke up at 9 am this morning. That's six-fucking-hours of sleep. I need at least eight to function properly. Wooza wozza...

Yesterday I went to Yorkville with my sister to go sample sale-ing and we ended up touring a fabulous 3 million-dollar home. It certainly was worth the $2.695 M asking price. I now have a new aspiration to become successful (or marry successful) to obtain such a dig in an area such as Yorkville. Real estate is my new hobby, friends. o_o

Another fabulous weekend brought to me by the fabulous Justin and his fabulous soiree last night. Gotta hand it to those Canadian-Canadians to cook a burger up right and throw a hell of a 'que, I must say.

I saw many faces, can't remember all the names, drank too much, ate not enough, there was furniture broken, shoes flying, shared many memories and I even went on a double date (somehow) in the midst of it all. Fabulous fabulous fabulous!

^Fabulous girls ^Oh, Sarah ^Not the best pic of me, but I still like it for some reason (fat and all!)
^Justin and me (on drink 1 of 2 and about to fall off my chair!)
^Konrad in all his glory ^Whit, The Face and Mark
^Guys playing the Sack ^Boys + Adam's gf ^More boys! ^Justin et al
It's so gorgeous outside, I think I'll do a lil beaching today with the girls. These 'Pale Whales' I call my thighs need a little brown. Adios, muchachos~!

P.S. The word 'fabulous' was used 9 (10, including now) in this post. That has to be a record.

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