Monday, May 08, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Another 'blah' day. Didn't do much: woke up at 1, couldn't find anyone to chill with, went to the Career centre at my school to get some job leads, watched TV and took a nap. That's pretty much it. For some reason I find myself yawning and feeling lethargic a lot more lately. It's probably due to the nothingness in my life right now (or perhaps I'm slowing down from too much partying). This picture was recently brought to my attention. It's from last week's Rockell concert and I managed to be in the shot because I was right next to the stage. Do you see me? The only Asian, the smallest and the most overdressed (Answer: I'm far right, with the white clutch). I look at this pic and I've been looking at some other recent pics of myself and I think I'm in need of a new coif. However, the one thing I hate about finding a new 'do is finding a new 'do. The mullet's beginning to grow out, and although I still have the various lengths, it still looks like one length because I'm too lazy to style. For some reason, I think my hair seems to also grow out the same way, so it really doesn't matter what cut I get to begin with, it'll end up the same. -_- I'm just in the mood for a change.

I've contemplated a few options:

a.) Cut it short. I've asked around and I haven't received alot of good responses for this option.

b.) Get a perm. Perhaps I've been watching too much SATC, but I'm really feelin' Carrie's crazy wavy hair as of yet.

c.) Get that Japanese straightening thing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz and $$$$$$$$$$

d.) Dye it. I've optioned this off and on, but I am eager to remain dye-free until I'm 25. I have this belief that anytime earlier than that, I'll become addicted to dying my hair.

e.) Shave it off, a la Prison Break's Wentworth Miller. Everyone seems to be doing that lately. Although most of those are guys. Plus, I'm scared of discovering the real shape of my head and I can't really find out unless I shave off my hair.

I think the option that's in the lead is the perm one. Although I wouldn't go completely wavy or curly. Perhaps I'll try that 'digital perm' that all the Koreans seem to be doing (half straight, half wavy). It's not unique, but dammit it's something new. Something to fill that void in my life right now.


kathy said...

I would say cut it short, but I think a perm would suit you better and look a lot nicer. And no, please, not the half-and-half.

sarah said...

how about this:

The article I got that pic from says that Jessica Simpson is coming out with a hairpiece line. Maybe you SHOULD shave your head and just wear wigs...err...i pieces. haha. Then you could have a new colour and style each day.