Thursday, April 27, 2006

Toronto is the city for the sleepy

Attempted to go clubbing last night. On a Wednesday night. What were we thinking? What was I thinking?

Serves me right for having faith this city would have something to offer some 9 bored people on a Wednesday night. I was hoping to finally experience Club Menage's "Wayback Wednesday" but it turns out everyone in the world had the same idea as me.

The place was packed and we couldn't even get in. Not to mention there were a lot of attractive people (both male and female) there. So we hiked around SoHo, finding something else to do. All the bars were packed and I found out why when we ended up at Havana Nightclub, which was crawling with "cougars and cowboys". I thought it was OK, but the guys were feeling uncomfortable so we had to bounce. Hiked around some more, at this point wishing I smoked pot beacuse some of us did and I was jealous. LOL.

Sometimes I really wish I lived in a city that never sleeps, like New York City. I'd have something to do every night, even if it's not as eventful as the weekends. At least the option is there to do something. Although, I'd probably go broke within a month from going out too much. Hehe

Warning: the following statements might make you think less (or more) of me:

Let's just say I was irritated by certain things last night, but one of the things that bugged me the most were the homeless people roaming the streets. Forgive me for sounding like a bitch (actually, I apologize for nothing), but I hate it when people come up and beg for money. It's as if it's my fault that they're homeless (probably is, because the government puts way too much money into education than to 'the needy', IMO) and it's my duty to somehow make up for that. One homeless person even came up to us on bent knee asking for money (whilst smoking a goddam cigarette). I really don't see why I have to be guilty to be in the situation I'm in and the position they're in. I think this is just how the universe balances itself out: you can't have everyone in the same class; somewhere, someone has to be in an extreme.

Now, I know that in other countries, poverty conditions are way worst. I'm talking specifically about the homeless in Toronto, who compared to beggers in India, are living pretty well. Most of the homeless people here are there by choice, lack mental capacity or end up there by means of poor judgment in a previous life (runaways, dropouts). The city also provides soup kitchens and whatnot that most just choose not to go to (because they don't want 'handouts'. PAH). So you can see why I have no sympathy for the homeless. Like, I don't mind them just hanging out on the street and minding their own business, but all I ask is that they not bother me. In fact, there should be a by-law for this kinda thing! And if people, out of their own free will, want to give money they can but not because someone begged and guilted them into it.

The night ended at the 24-hour pho place, which I think was one of the highlights of the evening because that was damn good pho. However, I apologize to everyone who thinks they wasted their time last night (I don't think it was a complete waste; it got me out of the house) and I thank everyone who came out anyway. It will be better next time, I promise. ;)


sarah said...


After you guys left to get the subway, Josh, Michelle and i were walking back to the car. This crazy old lady came up to us and starting asking us for money. Michelle and I quickly got into the car while brave Joshua fended her off. She then continued to beg for money after numerous times of refusing her. She then started to ask for coffee because she was cold. YO! SHE EVEN CAME AROUND THE CAR AND TAPPED ON MY WINDOW!!!!! WTF!?!?!?! YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW SCARED I WAS. LOL. I was smart enough to lock the doors.

spinderella said...

Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.