Thursday, February 23, 2006

Swoosh, Swoosh! *trip, flip, slide* OUCH

Aloha, from sunny Blue Mountain!

I have been here for about more than 24 hours and I'm loving it, especially now that I got the internet. Yeah, never realized how much I relied on it. I suppose I could've gone without it if I hadn't promised people that I'd stay in constant contact with people.

Right now, everyone's gone out for their second round of snowboarding. I, myself, am still recovering from the first round. I had two bad falls: one directly on my chest (couldn't breathe for a brief moment) and the second was the flipping on my front and my cellphone in my pocket hitting my hipbone. Still revelling in pain from the latter spill. I finally had to give up because of all the blowing snow and zero visibility.

I had a good 6 hours or so of snowboarding today, but I think I've had enough. I soaked in the hot tub for a good half an hour and hopefully this will help me get out of bed (the top bunk, no less!) tomorrow. Yeah, I'm feeling awfully old nowadays. I know I'm not a normally active person, and a day's worth of boarding is like a year's worth of exercise.

Okay, perhaps I should do some homework. I plan on doing some sight-seeing tomorrow and hopefully experience some Blue nightlife or something.

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