Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Asian races, red faces

So Acom finally put up their pics from Saturday night at the York Event Theatre. It's funny how you don't really notice people around you in a dark club until you see them in daylight or in a well-lit area. It was amusing browsing through a sea of bright pink faces (a lot of hot chicks, too, I realized), but I guess it's expected in a place with alcohol and mostly Asians, huh? A sea of black and red.

^The only black man there?

^The customary Asia-philes

^The obligatory drunk girls kissing (what, no tongue?)

^What's Chinese New Years w/o the Lion Dance?

^Can't walk into a club w/o at least seeing three girls dirty dancing with each other (is that girl seriously wearing that?)

^Haha, I think I see Brandy...

^This guy came prepared, he matched his shirt to his face

Well, I posted this blog meaning to post pictures of me and everyone who came with me. I know our picture was taken at least twice and I can't seem to find them.... >_<>

You suck, Acom.


Oh, found a couple more from HiLife

^The back of Sarah and part of Cuong

^Megan and Dru

...And that's it.


Meg said...

you know i really dont pay attention to people in clubs or at least i dont notice them that much which is why it's so funny to check out these pics afterwards

i checked out the acom site yesterday and saw those pictures, some of them made me laugh, some of them made me think wtf were they thinkin?

that's all they have of us? i swear there were at least 2 or 3 if not more... that's so weird

Meg said...

i found one with cuongs face and i think jon sorta blocked by corey?

Meg said...

oh you can see the Dev's red sweater in that first hilife pic you posted