Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Less than 3" you. Less than love this holiday even more.

Does staring at a computer screen for a substantial amount of time give you pimples? Last night I was watching TV on the laptop and this morning, BAM! A friend has pitched a tent on my nose. Gah!

Another weekend has befallen us. It's all about school, school, school for the next two weeks. Valentine's Day will also befall us in about a week and a half's time. And you know what depresses me about this "holiday"?

No, it's not the sad realization that I'm alone again on this certain day (come to think of it, I don't think I've actively celebrated with someone special), but it's more like listening to other single gals who wail about their lack of something to show for this Hallmark holiday (and I'm sure guys get a lil down on this day, but far be it for them to show that kinda emotion).

Yes, it depresses me to hear about other people's depression over something so illegitimate. Why is it this one day that depresses us single people? Are we feeling left out that we won't be receiving flowers and heart-shaped boxes filled with surprises filled with a creamy surprise? Or the fact that it seems everyone's found happiness because they have someone besides us?

C'mon, everyday is "too bad you're single again" day. Valentine's Day is no different. Perhaps I've been single for so long that I've become even more cynnical on this day, but Valentine's Day is merely an excuse for women to force their guys to show at least some emotion on one day out of 365 days of being emotionally unavailable. Whether it be through flowers or a card, Valentine's Day is also the guy's easy way out of finding a way to show some feelings.

Afterall, why would a guy show emotion when he doesn't have to? Valentine's Day is an avenue for "macho" guys to just do it all together. Kinda like when you're put on the spot to do a dare and you'd feel more comfortable if someone else did it with you.

I can feel I will be flamed for those who love Valentine's Day and emcompass all the traditions that come with and tell me that if I had someone I would think differently. To be honest, I wouldn't. To me, it's hardly romantic to celebrate "love" when other people are doing so because they're forced to.

So for all you single people out there, Valentine's Day isn't an in-your-face mockery that you don't have anyone special. You're not the only one who won't receive a heart-shaped card filled with a bullshit Hallmark card message to "celebrate" something that 50% of the time doesn't last. Afterall, it's just one day. And after this day comes the greatest celebration of love of all: discount candy.


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Kathy said...

LOL. Oh, Lil, you never cease to crack me up with your bitter opinions and funny conclusions.