Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pobody's Nerfect

I hate it whenever people ask, "So what type of guy do you go for?". I'm expected to narrowly define the types of traits that I look for in an ideal boyfriend: hot, funny, funny hot, tall, male (yes, MALE. I know it's hard for some of you to beleve), preferably not stupid (though that's hard to find nowadays), a large 'confidence', ambitious, rich, has a dog (NO CATS), good sense of fashion, doesn't hate shopping, willing to spoil, a bad boy that I can change (if Mandy Moore could do it in A Walk to Remember, so can I), shares my love for BoA, reliable, drives a car like on Initial D, good dancer, honest, not an ax-murderer, preferably not gay...

I mean, how can I narrow down the type of guy I want if that is what 97% of women want? I've yet to find a guy who loves BoA (in the non-sexual way) or a guy who loves fashion who wasn't gay. 97% of guys definitely do not fit under all those traits I've listed. I've underlined, bolded, and italicised 'definitely' because this is a straight up, in-your-face message to all you single (or not?) gals still looking for Mr. Perfect and refuse to believe that there's no such thing. Don't lie, I know you're out there. I know you guys are still holding out for him. It's irritating that when women watch those romantic movies, apparently it gives them hope to eminate movie plots to their own lives.

Ms. Cynnical and Realistic is here to crush your dreams.

For centuries, women have been looking for the knight in shining armour to sweep us them of their feet. Men woo the fair virginal maidens to be their wifey and eventually their house maid to bear their spawn.

We state the type of guy we are looking for and almost always end up with the complete opposite guy, am I right? So really, there's no point in trying to formulate the perfect man in a series of ideal traits and a mental picture in our heads. Instead of asking me what type of guy I want, the question should be rephrased to ask, 'What type of guys do usually end up with?"

In highschool, I was loud and bitchy. And come to think of it I used to end up liking guys who happened to be 'artistic' and 'brooding' types in highschool. I've been thinking about my track record lately, and it seems to me my trend has turned to guys who happen to be athletic and career-oriented, which is weird because I'm neither of those and it's not what I'm actively looking for in a guy.

As you can see, those traits don't fit in with my lists of traits for my ideal guy. So while that's proof that we end up with people the total opposite of what we wanted and what we expect, what does that really say about me? Does that make Mr. Perfect, Mr. Less than Perfect because he's not what I expected? Why did I list all those 'ideal' traits, when I know that's not what I've ended up with? The truth is, I'm not really holding out for someone who portrays all those 'ideal' traits, not even 80% of them (but I know I definitely don't want the ax-murderer). And I really don't think that when we say "I want a tall, dark and handsome guy", we really mean it. What we really want to say is, "I just want anyone who will be obligated to keep me company so I won't be lonely.". Once we've stepped out of the world where Santa Claus doesn't exist (sorry, Nam) and our biological clocks are a-tickin', "Perfect" is just an illusion, like the Matrix.

I know there are girls out there who refuse to believe that they can't find him, so I won't bother wasting my time pitying them. But I like to believe that there are girls who have found a loving, honest Mr. Less than Perfect, won't look further or hold out for Mr. Perfect because less than perfect love is perfect.

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