Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Sports Fan for a Day

After a brunch with Paul, we went to game 24 of the Raptors today, versus LA Clippers. Woulda preferred the Lakers but it was good enough. Thanks to Paul's hookups, it was my first and definitely not the last basketball game I've been to.

But I tell ya. Walking into the arena definitely brought back nostalgia of working at the Hershey Centre arena. The smell of popcorn, the aura of cheap beer and over-priced candy. If you asked me whether I preferred watching hockey or basketball games, though, I'd definitely choose basketball. The game's a bit more exciting to me and the fights every 5 minutes in a hockey game pisses me off. I guess I'm just not into the violence too much. And the cold. Hehehe.

We were in the front row of the first balcony. It's not court-side, but it was still pretty good.

Does anyone know how much a Raptors Pack dancer makes? Seems like such an awesome job. Go to all the basketball games, shake your ass and just be part of the action. Something I'd definitely look into...

Despite the Raptors losing, the game was quite exciting, especially since it was pretty neck-and-neck. We only lost by two points, but entertaining nonetheless. And it didn't hurt that some of the players were FINE. Gotta love a guy who's tall, has nice arms and brings in a 6-figure income, eh? It's too bad I didn't go to the locker room afterwards... damn, they need to bring back Vince Carter.

What's a girl to do but to give nicknames to some of the key players today?

^Who?! Mike James!


^Charlie "no brows"

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