Monday, February 06, 2006

I am slowly going crazy, 1...2...3...

I don't think I'm having as much frustration with this Philosophy paper as I usually do with my other papers. Specifically my case comments, since everything is fact-based. Usually it's the frustration of having too much information and not knowing what to include. In this case, I have nothing. Zilch, nada, zero.
I really wish I could understand Friedrich Nietzsche. Everyone raves about how innovative he is. From the examples people have given me on what he's said, I've wholeheartedly agreed. But I can't seem to understand him directly, via reading his essays. I really feel stupid. A lil heartbroken as well, because my love for writing has gone out the window.
If anyone needs me tomorrow, I'll be hibernating myself with the laptop, classnotes and cold water to keep me awake at the library. But someone please at least call me to put me out of my misery.

Why, oh why did I let myself get talked into taking Philosophy instead of City Life?!

Lately I've been thinking about dying my hair, even though I've vowed to remain a dyed-hair virgin until I'm 25. However, I came across this recent pic of Hyori. I WANT HER HAIR.

^Looks like Hyori's joined the fashion-mullet craze

That is all.


Kathy said...

I hope your essay-writing goes well tomorrow. Maybe I'll give you a call all the way from Waterloo where I'll also be at the library. Yay, library buddies!

minni said...

It doesn't look so hot on her, but I'm starting to see black nailpolish as being kindda hot.

sarah said...

Lil, I told you to call me if you had trouble with Nietzsche! DO IT! (call me that is hahaha)