Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ain't Like I Used to Be

I usually hate people who use video games and music and attempt to make a "music video" out of it. Not only does it usually not even work out, for people who don't play War Craft won't get why it's 'funny'. But anyway, I landed on this one video, and while I hate the 'video', the song they play is hilarious: "I'm a[n] Asshole". Haha, anyone know who it's by?

Went boarding yesterday at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone. Never realized before that it was two mountains. So there was a lot of snowboarding to be had. Besides it being ungodly C O L D, I still had a blast. And while it will take me a couple more years to attempt "Black Diamond" hills, I'm quite content with the level I'm at now. Call me old, but I like taking the winding trails, instead of the steep drops that go straight down and put me in a panic for 30 seconds.

Snowboarding all day, I can't do that alot, man. My stamina and body ain't what it used to be. Right now I'm yearning for a hot tub to soak in all day, because I barely got out of bed this morning. Oh man, I'm sore all over. Someone wanna come over and give me a massage?


Anonymous said...

Denis Leary sang the song.

And whats wrong with WoW music videos?
(The song is from the Broadway play Avenue Q)

- A Concerned Citizen

spinderella said...

They're stupid! They're not funny~! At least to the non-computer game playing eye, like me.

They're proof that potentially intelligent people have nothing productive to do than to play computer games all day. And they realize that some of the functions of the game can be used to go with music.... :S

They should interest themselves in other 'productive' things like... kpop ;)