Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another exam, another failure.

^Only Badgley Mischka can make a 5'0 girl look tall... incredible!
Had my first exam of the semester today. Let's just say the questions were as vague as my answers. >_<

I hate cramming. I hate when assignments are due the same day as the exam. I'm either frantically trying to finish the assignment or trying to memorize the seven steps to negotiation. Why didn't I plan to finish my assignment earlier, you ask? ... shut up. Hopefully my next two exams won't be as bad this week. And then it's...

...another weekend! Not just any weekend. It's the weekend leading into Reading Week! I'm really looking forward to hitting the slopes, getting sloshed and seeing my friends again. Even if I have to bring my books to study on my ski trip, doggone it, I'm going to catch up on sleeping in and dare I say it, poker. Even if I have to be drunk for the whole time.

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