Friday, February 24, 2006

I Enjoy Lonely Strolls around the Mountain

Everyone's gone for their second day of boarding. I've chosen to stay off the hills today. I was so sore this morning. Everything was stiff and sore. I didn't want to risk being even more sore tomorrow as I'm supposed to go clubbing for Megan's birthday.

While everyone hit the slopes, I chose to go for a romantic stroll all by my lonesome around the Blue Mountain Village. Starbucks cup in hand and Hyori in my Discman (I think I've developed some sick crush on her, my MSN pic is of Hyori and so is my desktop wallpaper...), I actually like being by myself; but it sucks when you want to take pictures of yourself with scenery and you feel pathetic asking strangers to take pictures of you. So I took the even more pathetic route and took pictures of myself!

I think this was in front of some of the hotels. Too bad I couldn't get a full-length pic of myself in my ridiculous-looking (and ridiculously-warm) moonboots!

I actually saw some people swimming in the heated pool by the hotel! Looked so fun, but I didn't want to take picture of them. A lonely person, in sunglasses with a camera taking pictures of kids in the pool? That's a little too suspicious-looking. So I took a pic of the vacant heated pool across from it!

Man, it looks so inviting and so much fun with the slide and everything!

I feel so lucky to be here. The chalet is so beautiful and wonderfully monsterous. I think there's four levels, including a basement apartment. So many rooms! It can get lonely here by yourself but very peaceful for doing homework. Here are a few pics from the last two days:

^Our "home"

^The Living Room

^The Third floor, "British Pub"

^The Third Floor, pool table

^Mine and Sarah's room

^The hot tub!

^Good company, good food

^Yeah, Sarah actually made that monstrosity of a helmet (and you thought my bright yellow snowboard pants were bad)

Tonight I hope to go back into the village. I think there are some events going on and I'd like to check out this 'club/bar' over there. I must say, there are quite a few hot guys here. I've also seen some pretty awesome snowboard outfits, including other mohawked-helmets (what is up with this trend?).

Anyhoo, I'm going to attempt to go back to do some homework (ha!) and somehow make the painful journey off the top bunk to go eat...

^Working hard or hardly working? (love my slippers?)

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