Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shall we dance?

This looks so awesome. If I had the time or discipline, I'd so go for this. Oh, what I wouldn't give for the dancer's body. Or to even go back to high school talent shows. I miss ChinKL. I miss performing and being ATTITUDE (haha, not that I'm not already like that anyway). But most of all, I miss the workout that came out of rehearsing and choreographing everyday.

It's always been the only way to get me to move. I've probably been delaying going to the gym lately because I don't feel inspired to as much as dancing once did for me (although hip hop dance does seem intriguing) and not being able to find time. I've actually been learning a couple dances, but it's not really "working out" since I haven't fully done them, and they've only been practiced from the comfort of my computer chair.

Clubbing is good, but it's only one night. And it's usually too crowded to do any full on routines. There's only so much ass-workout I can take from clubbing each night. I need to go "Honey" on my ass, with routines and everything.

I can't even find the time at home to do any dance workouts, despite me having two of Carmen Electra's workout vids. Besides the lack of space at my house, there's just no motivation to pop in that DVD and move my butt. Anyone else out there with more workout space, a DVD player and motivation? Gimme a call.

Everytime I watch a BoA, Hyori or JLo vid makes me yearn to put on some music and groove. But alas, usually at those times I'm alone and there's noone in the room to dance with me. Haha. And as I look down at my flabby stomach, I wonder if this is how my life will be like. Always lacking the time and motivation to get off the couch and get away from the computer. I mean, I totally see myself plopping down everyday after work from exhaustion. And the weekends would be used to veg out. Where do fit people find the time to hit the gym?

Fellow Chinkettes? Are you guys feeling the same? If you do, holla at me and we'll groove.

I just found out I'm going to be snowboarding for pretty much half the Reading Week. I guess I can't complain I won't get enough exercise then...

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Meg said...

i'm in... i have yet to join the gym, or get up early to do cardio in the morning before i go to work... i need to get off my lazy ass and dancing seems like a good way to do just that