Thursday, February 16, 2006

Plato, Descartes, Nietzsche, Lil? HA~!

Man, sometimes I'm just amazed at what I'm able to do. I'm not even a motivated person, so accomplishing anything is a feat for me.

Remember a few weeks ago how I was ranting and raving about my essay on Nietzsche? I was at my wit's end and very close to forfeiting the assignment for the sheer reason that I had no idea what the man was saying. Germenglish, remember? Well I somehow finished that essay and my prof thought it was "brilliant" and I got one of the highest marks in the class. She said if I kept up my "level of writing" she was considering sending in my work for some Philosophy award.

I thought it was a joke. Throughout my entire academic career, I've never been "outstanding", not even one of the top of the class. I've always been average. Solid-B student. Always in the middle, just like my name on the attendance.

I reread my paper and the funny thing is, I still don't really understand what I wrote. I sent it to Kathy for review and even though she agreed she couldn't understand Nietzsche, she still liked it (thanks ^_^). I'm sitting on the fence about whether I want my paper submitted. Sure, it's a cool thing and hopefully there's some sort of monetary reward (somewhere in the five digits?), but then again, what if someone came up to me to talk about what I wrote about? I'd be dumbfounded. Cuz I'm so modest. Hehe.

I think this is what they call a "fluke". Or, haha, a "Homer". Or for those avid Friends watchers, you might say I pulled a "Monica". It's also kinda odd that I do extremely well on papers for my elective papers, but not so hot on my legal assignments. Kinda sad, eh? I may be taking the wrong program (as I'm sure 90% of post-secondary students are).

Oh well. I suppose I should just be proud of what I did and "keep up the good work". But don't let this be a lesson to all you procrastinators out there. Planning ahead makes a big deal in the quality of your work. I think my writing somehow incorporated my feelings towards the assignment and made the paper more 'powerful'.

But I still stand by my previous statements: I still hate Nietzsche.

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