Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Skinny on Skinny Suits

I've been hunting for good "work clothes". Since my area of "work" would be law, apparently it's a notch more bland than the usual office clothes. Courts and people in the legal profession frown on colour. Unfortunately, I frown on this so-called "uniform policy".

For three years I've vowed that I won't give into the bland, two-piece, pin-striped legal fashion world. There has to be a way to spice things up without being perceived as a joke before a judge. And I've finally found my answer. Good ol' Neiman Marcus has the answers: skinny suits.

I've heard of skinny jeans, but skinny suits? Awesome.

^Dolce and Gabanna

^Armani Collezioni


"Wow, Lil, before you start fantasizing about what you'll wear to work, you should pass your exams."

--back to studying for Creditor/Debtor Rights

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