Thursday, February 09, 2006

I <3 Wang

I dunno if everyone's seen these, where this media student from a university in San Diego gets his camera and his friends and produce their own music videos, from NSYNC to Jay Chou! Check them out.

But not before you check out this video.

It's a documentary about "Yellow Fever". This guy is trying to find out why we rarely see Asian guys with White girls, but it's hardly White girls with Asian guys. So this guy goes on this quest to find out the reason why. He goes to his genius Asian friend, the white guy and finally the brown guy (which is incidently the best part).


Philip Wang (the director, the main guy, probably the brains behind this whole thing) is HOT.

A couple of his friends are hot (i.e. "Clark")

I love the brown guy in this vid. He's the best part.

I love the chocolate surprise at the end even more.

And if you think about it, as corny as the acting was, the video had a point. We complain all the time about bi racial couples, mostly the white guy scoring with all the races, but we don't stop to ponder why. A male Asian friend once told me that he'd love to go out with a black girl. Perhaps not only because they know what they're doing in the bedroom, but just to make a political statement as well.

The more I think about it, the more it seems that Asian guys do get the shit-end of the stick. Perhaps it's their bad rep for having small "confidence". It's perhaps the worst stereotype to have as a guy, am I right? I'm not going to go into each stereotype each race is faced with, but if you think about it, all those stereotypes are non-issues, but nothing can compensate for small "confidence". Not to mention that alot of Asian guys (as far as I know) have low self-esteem.

Before y'all flame with me with "not all Asian guys have small 'confidence'!" and "I have tons of 'confidence'!", I don't care. I'm aware that a stereotype is not necessarily a fact for ALL people who are subject to it, but it is what it is.

But if you think about it, this Wang guy lives in California where it's 50% white ppl, 49% Asian ppl and the rest is miscellaneous (based on my very own stereotypical census). It's no wonder the Asian girls are hooking up with white guys, most of the time. He should come to Canada where I believe most of the races are segregated. You got the brown people in Brampton, the Asians in Markham and the Italians in Woodbridge. Talk about a multicultural country, eh? We can't even live AMONGST each other, we can only live aside from each other. Sure I've seen biracial couples, but I can honestly say I haven't seen alot of them lately.

I could go further with my interpretation of this "phenomenon" but I've got an assignment due tomorrow morning and coincidentally I'm watching the Chappelle Show, the real documentary on racial issues and relationships.

Paul Mooney in "Ask a Black Dude" "Brothers are packing...that's why you have so many mixed couples. White girl ain't that crazy. How does that saying go? 'Once you go Black, you don't come back'? 'You go White, you go running back to Black'"



kish the dish said...

I've only dated white and Asian girls, but I've been lucky to find several brown and Middle-Eastern girls who didn't scoff at a half-Asian guy.

Bi-racial couples kick ass. You're right about sociological statements - I always root quietly for them, and try to be quick to say, "Yeah, so what?" whenever someone chokes out "Wow, uh, they're, ah, different colours."

I sort of disagree on the segregation point. We're in a bit of a race soup in Canada - if you visit anywhere downtown, or remember Glenforest, it's hard to deny. Markham, Brampton and Woodbridge stand out because they're home to stubborn groups that aren't integrated with other minorities in their area. In the U.S., communities of that sort are the norm, but not as a manifestation of pride - rather, ethnic groups are expected to (and do) segregate themelves.

Americans would instead be startled to see Asian, South Asian, African and European kids going to school side-by-side, something that's hardly remarked on here in Canada because it's taken for granted. We have no parallels to the terms 'Asian-American' or 'African-American,' because our Asians and Africans are Canadians by virtue of their involvement with a multicultural society. It's not necessary to label them 'Canadian' in order for them to be so.

sarah said...

I ALSO <3 Wang.

Hot damn, we need to go to Cali.