Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sweatin' to the oldies, back to the city

Well, whaddya know. I got home around 1pm, alot earlier than I expected. The roads weren't too bad. Sarah and I came back to the city and went straight to a mall, just to be amongst a crowd of people after four days of desolation and begoggled strangers with skis and boards.

I can't wait to go out tonight. I'm even getting my hair "did" for the big night out. Happy birthday, Megan!~

We're going to Megan's house for some grub and then a limo ride to Afterlife. And then I may check out DNA nightclub. Everyone one should go there, my friend's hosting and it should be FABULOUS.

Okay, enough of the shameless advertising. Here's more pics from Blue!

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