Thursday, January 19, 2006

Move over, Aritzia Apes.

Plans are slowly forming for birthday a la me. If you're reading this now, you're automatically invited.

Friday, January 27: Mandarin (Hurontario and Britannia), 6:30-7pm, bring your appetites

Saturday, January 28: this (yeah, the Snoop Dogg sample in the background is a lil ghey, but doesn't it make you wanna jam?)

I wanted to have a big soiree under one roof with everyone but alas, no money, no big mansion near the beach.

Went to the store opening of Hollister at Sherway today with Sarah, just to see what all the hype is about from the States. Go back, Hollister. We don't need another white-washed, beach- bumming, over-over-priced, cheaply-made goods clothing store. We have TNA and AE, thank you very much. ^_^

All those fashionista urban myths about the trials and tribulations of Hollister (and Abercrombie and Fitch, for that matter) were all true. The store was dark, the music was loud, and there were plenty of good-looking people to make me feel slightly self-conscious. Might as well have thrown me into a club in the middle of the day. Though, I have a feeling I might be going in there one more time just to eye these leggings I've been yearning (but for $30?!). I also couldn't help but notice that 80% of the chicks who worked and shopped in the store wore almost identical outfits: Uggs, long shirts and fake (?) designer bags on their arms. Ladies, that outfit is officially a fashion faux-pas. I now dub them 'Hollister Hoes' (formerly Aritzia Apes) and you know who they are because they troll malls in packs. Needless to say, I felt slightly out of place and a little disgusted. Now, I'm not honing on people I personally know who shop at Hollister and Aritzia (afterall, I've shopped at Aritzia), but if 90% of your wardrobe is from either of these places, you look like 90% of the girls out there.

Speaking of good-looking people, I think I'm subconsciously stalking one of my crushes because he's working at Hollister. Or maybe the Crush Gods are working Fate (yet they can't get me to admit my feelings to my crushes?!) and have thrown me into his path at school, on the subway, in the city and now, at his work. Either way, the Gods have given me a second reason to go back to that store: To eye the leggings and to eye that guy. So forget everything I mentioned above about Hollister. Hollister rules.

P.S. If they ever bring up Kitson, so help me, I will eat my hat.


Frequent Blog Reader said...

Haha, I have to say, your blogs are hugely amusing to read. But in defense of Aritiza, it is NOT a white-washed, beach- bumming, cheaply-made goods clothing store, while it is very very over-over-priced. But let it go. It fits well. Not every Aritzia shopper looks like an Aritzia Ape.
And jumping to a different topic, can you please stop straying your eyes around to hot Hollister workers and bus riders when you have something you need to do RIGHT IN FRONT of you? Let's not confuse and scare away a specific potential reader of your blog. You know what I'm talking about. =)

spinderella said...

Well, not everyone who shops at Aritzia are 'Apes'. I dabble at Aritzia once in awhile, but I refuse to become one of those people whose wardrobe is filled with nothing but.
I go to school with people like this. Trust me, they exist.

frequent blog reader = Minh? LOL

Kathy said...

I also think it's Minh, hehe. Before I read your comment, Lil. Every person has characteristic diction and they can't conceal it. =p

Anyways, see you at your birthday. It's the big...what is it? 2-1? 2-2? Shame on me for not knowing.