Monday, January 02, 2006

I know it's still winter, but...

Marc Jacobs, you cokehead freak! You're a genius!

I'm probably the only person who loves this Balenciaga dress... aggghh I wish I was taller!


There's been murmurs abound that a friend of mine has been in the media lately. I guess I should get used to reading about people I know in the media now, for both good and bad things, if you catch my drift. heehee But anyhoo. My friend Kofi Hope has been in the media for a very good thing. There's an article about him in The Toronto Star and as far as I've known him, the article really does reflect him. He's really the nicest, most generous person I've met even though he can be such a goof and jerk sometimes (jerk because he kept getting me in water fights >_<). It's also truly astounding that an advocate like him can be my age. Wow, he really puts me to shame, because I don't think I've acheived half of what he has. What an inspiration. Another goal to add to the new year?

^Our first black Prime Minister?

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Kish the Dish said...

You know Kofi Hope? Wow - tell him he's awesome. After the Boxing Day shootings, his face and remarks really stood out from the canned empathy and practiced outrage of various politicians, official and talking heads.